Live Streaming to China Vhall

China now has the world’s largest E-commerce network and trade relations, not just with ASEAN countries. It is not surprising that many companies in China and abroad are using Live streaming technologies to improve online communication from B2B to B2C, given their power and strong bilateral investments with many companies both large and small. 

This is where the concept of Virtual Hall, or Vhall for short, comes into play, which not only benefits foreign companies by establishing strong business relationships and communication with China. 

Virtual hall or VHall is China’s and the world’s top enterprise webinar marketing platform, with over 200 million professional users. Vhall has a decade of expertise in webcasting, big data, and AI technology to provide clients with the finest digital training and marketing solution and service, which enables business customers to grow. 

Vhall is a rich and strong digital marketing platform that includes: webinars, meetings, training, and other services. It not only provides the tools for you to host events on your own but also enables business customers to hold online meetings with their partners and clients around China & Worldwide. 

With a worldwide 5400+ CDN node deployment, the Vhall webcasting service has reached over 100 countries across the world. The worldwide webcast traffic is monitored by the Vhall Eagle Eye intelligent system, which switches among multiple routes based on a proprietary routing algorithm. 

Vhall not only offers the entire live broadcast service for the main forum, as well as 30 subforums and operation, live signal access to the main venue for the conference but also created a self-service. Invites were sent to the correct people, with minimal spans of time between them; improved interactive methods such as public account QR code card push, product recommendation, red envelope rain during live broadcast; complete BI report generated after live broadcast, data evaluation, user rating and behavior analysis of the entire event. 

Using Vhall’s cutting-edge webcasting technology, you can create a one-of-a-kind webcasting experience! Offering an on-demand live framework and functions, as well as a private logo label and VIP follow-up service. You can design your own one-of-a-kind online broadcasting experience using your extensive webcasting knowledge! 

Core Technology 

  • The video is in a digital format that uses high-definition video coding technology. This video has been designed to provide the best viewing experience on all screens.
  • The technology included in this product enables you to share your presentation with large audiences while maintaining a consistently high level of performance in live events. We use Enhanced video transmission protocol (patent)
  • Intelligent application and analysis technology on which AI is built, with Real-time voice recognition and subtitle display, multilingual synchronized subtitles, Real-time monitoring and intelligent auditing of video and text material, as well as Intelligent message filtering, video content analysis, and summary. 

Other features include offering more skilled speakers, ease of managing live events, allowing for worldwide dissemination using the finest scalable methods, and providing sophisticated and engaging interaction between speakers and participants. 

By engaging our Live streaming services, Spring Forest Studio can include features like: 

  • Non-ads, private channel
  • Premium China Network
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Password/Embedded Link
  • No VPN required 

Spring Forest Studio is here to help you! We will guide you through the process of conducting Vhall live streaming events. Get started today by contacting us or giving us a call so we can book an appointment for your event’s need. Our team members are ready and waiting to work with you on achieving your business objectives, whether that be increasing sales or customer loyalty. You may have tried other marketing strategies but maybe it’s time to try something new? Let our experts at Spring Forest studio help make this happen for you now!